2.4m Black Mamba Rescued From Truck Engine in Durban

Durban snake catcher Nick Evans recently rescued this massive 2.4m black mamba, which managed to lodge itself in the engine compartment of a truck in Phoenix, Durban.
Video footage of the rescue shows Evans gripping the venomous snake with his tongs, before expertly removing it from the truck.
He said employees at the truck yard chased the mamba into the truck.
“They reported it to the yard owner the next morning, after a guy changed the front wheel,” Evans said.
Evans said it was far from ideal that he was only contacted the following day.

“We’re lucky it hung around.”
He said engines are a popular spot for snakes.
“We get many snakes in engines, they get in from underneath… they tend to find a place where they can settle,” he said.

Evans told News24 that he thought he would be busier during the nationwide lockdown, but since winter is approaching, the prevalence of snakes has reduced.
“You’d think I’d be busier than normal because everyone is at home, but this time of the year snake activity dies down.”
Evans said he has, however, captured quite a few Mozambican spitting cobras of late.
He asked people to keep a safe distance if they spot a snake or to call a snake catcher for professional assistance.
“Do not try to catch or kill it, just leave it. I have had a few cases where people try and hold it, which is silly and, if it’s a venomous snake, then it’s too late.”
The mamba was rescued safely and released.
Source: News24

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