‘Lady Time’ Will Make You Laugh In The Face Of Death & Adultery

Death isn’t funny, but these ladies’ reaction to it? Hysterical.
Lady Time is a five-episode series about four women who somehow put the FUN in FUNeral and find friendship in the face of grieving their husbands’ tragic death and intense infidelity.
What makes the Lady Time ladies friendship so funny to watch is that Kathy, Megan, Heather and Eleanor literally have nothing in common (except that their late husbands completely suck). What makes their friendship so special is that, because they’re so different from each other, they’re able to help each other navigate their grief adjust to their new husbandless life. They ladies literally complete each other.
Ready to laugh in the face of death and adultery with these ladies? Then sit back and keep scrolling – because we have every episode below!

It Starts With A Crash (Lady Time Episode #1)

When four jerks explode in a plane crash, their wives decide to honor them with a group memorial.
But this particular group of ladies get along about as well as Israel and Palestine, and agreeing on a venue seems all but impossible — until Eleanor proves that her mansion is the best location. But Eleanor’s one-upmanship ends up backfiring when her Lady Bird Johnson sitting room gets destroyed.
Gasp! Not the Lady Bird Johnson sitting room!

Fabergé Egg Club Does Not Go Egg-cellently (Lady Time Episode #2)

While Eleanor prepares to host Fabergé Egg Club, the other girls arrive on her doorstep — completely unhinged without husbands.
Oh sweet mother of jewelled eggs.
But instead of including them in her event, Eleanor
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