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This Dog Has Rescued Over 100 Koalas Injured During Australia’s Devastating Bushfires

Bear might not be your average rescue worker but he has excelled at the task, helping conservationists find over 100 sick and injured koalas since he started the job last November.The 5-year-old Australian koolie is a member of the University of the Sunshine Coast (USC) ”Detection Dogs for Conservation” team. The initiative involves adopting rescue pups and training them to track koalas that need rescuing.Bear’s handler, Dr. Romane Cristescu, USC Detection Dogs for Conservation researcher, told the Australian Associated Press that the fire season may have ended in March but the team is still on the ground looking for sick and injured koalas.
“We’re still finding animals that are struggling to find food. They’re on the edge of starvation,” she said.”If we find them, wildlife carers can plump them up. Their goal is to release them when and where they have a better chance of having food available to them.”
Bear has helped rescue more 100 koalas since started the job last fall.
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