Tiger King Carole Baskin Doormat

Despite the post’s title and the flowery crowns flanking it, this Tiger King Carole Baskin Doormat is probably meant to welcome visitors to Joe Exotic’s Greater Wynnewood Exotic Animal Park. Not that bitch Carole Baskin’s Big Cat Rescue. Of course, you can use it to welcome visitors to your own home too.

All visitors except for that bitch, Carole Baskin.

Poor Carole Baskin. How did she, the player in Netflix’s Tiger King docuseries who wasn’t the star of the vindictiveness and attempted murder plotline, end up bein the one everyone is calling vindictive and a murderer?

Oh yeah. Because she killed her husband, ground him up, and fed him to her tigers.

My personal feelings about Carole Baskin are just past neutral. I don’t like her, but I don’t despise her, and I’m not that interested in conspiracy theories about her beyond relishing the irony of a supposed animal rights activist killing her husband and feeding him to tigers. However. I would like a doormat like this one from The Minted Grove that says, “All are welcome. Except for that bitch, my black-hearted ex-girlfriend Karen.”
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