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This Star Wars article contains spoilers.

Star Wars has always featured remarkable creatures and aliens, but Lucasfilm’s animation department has taken things a step further, making the animals of the galaxy far, far away bigger parts of the saga. Both Ahsoka Tano of The Clone Wars and Ezra Bridger of Star Wars Rebels have an affinity for animals. This common fantasy for kids — of having a loyal, magical animal companion — is depicted through Ezra’s connection to his home planet’s wildlife and Ahsoka’s mysterious familiar, the mysterious Morai.

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Ahsoka’s owl-like companion isn’t as easily explained or understood as Ezra’s Force connection to the loth-wolves in Rebels. Morai’s origin, her exact connection to Ahsoka, and her link to the Force are all mysteries yet to be solved in the Star Wars universe. In Rebels (and in the series finale of The Clone Wars), Morai appears at key moments in Ahsoka’s story, coming into view only when Ahsoka needs her the most.

So, who really is Morai and why is she important to Ahsoka’s story and the Star Wars saga as a whole?

What species is Morai?

Morai’s species is the one thing about her that isn’t a mystery: she’s a convor, a bird with a prehensile tail. Convorees typica
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