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Get Your Face On Busch Light’s NASCAR

NASCAR fans have the chance to get their face imprinted on a race car.
Busch Light
Thoughtful and playful promotions have propelled Busch Light into a 44 percent sales spike since Americans have been hunkered down in quarantine, and the beer’s latest promotion might continue that growth.
Busch Light announced Wednesday that the company is giving folks a chance to have their faces painted on an actual NASCAR racing car.
“NASCAR’s coming back on May 17 when they’re holding races for the first time (since COVID-19), and obviously, there will be no fans on the track,” says Daniel Blake, vice president of value brands at Anheiser-Busch. “We’re giving fans a chance to come to the track (in the form) of the paint scheme on our car. We’re really excited about this, and this is definitely unique.”
Busch’s #YourFaceHere #BuschContest invites people to tweet photo of themse
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