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The Affordable Skincare of Your Self-Isolation Dreams

Inspired by our 24-Hour Product Diaries, Jezebel brings you Dirtbag Product Diaries, a video series showcasing the beauty routines keeping us afloat during isolation.Hello theydies and gentlethems. I’m Arabelle, a beauty writer for various places, most recently my own newsletter. Right now I’m mostly working on my book for Norton and playing with my dog at midnight in the park near my house, like a feral vampire mom. Apparently, the content mill has churned my way and I have been asked to share my skincare routine of the moment! I used to do a lot more product recommendations and skincare updates when Tumblr still mattered, but it’s become less of a priority for me since I don’t try out new products as soon as they hit the market anymore. My skin is as tired as I am of this administration, and I just want to use what works for me. Anyway, here’s what I use right now:
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