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Let It Wag launches crowdfunding campaign to facilitate help to animals


Prashasti Awasthi

Mumbai |
Updated on

May 15, 2020

Published on

May 15, 2020

Let It Wag, a crowdsourced platform for animal rescue based in Mumbai, announced on Thursday that it has launched a crowdfunding campaign to help feeders feed stray animals during and after the lockdown across India. The company mentioned in its official release that the platform serves to save/help injured/helpless stray animals in need anywhere across India. The platform connects users to a relevant person/resource in real-time within a 5-kilometer radius using geolocation tagging. Other than that, the app also serves good samaritans to find help for animals in need, raise funds for veterinary action, foster homes and adopters, report abuse and missing animals.Talking about the app and the crowdfunding, Yash Sheth, Founder of Let It Wag, stated in the official release: “It was started as a platform for all pet/animal related information to generate timely response through a network of samaritans. Today we are accessible in every city in India and with more internet access, we are hopeful to bring all stakeholders under a sing
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