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Freedom oranges and avocado toast

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Hola pandemic pals,

Remember when everyone was ripping on millennials for eating avocado toast? The big idea was that they were spoiled because they smeared expensive fruit on their toast instead of butter or jam like everyone else. But I live in Mexico where avocados are very cheap. And, even during a pandemic, they’re plentiful year-round. From what I understand, it’s pretty hard to even get an avocado in some places in the US right now, and they were always expensive there.

(Above: a restaurant in Cleveland, Ohio on 17 May)
I’m eating avocado toast on the daily, but there’s a sweeping beer shortage where I live. And in China, nobody’s buying “freedom oranges.” These, and other imported fruits, are primarily purchased by the middle class in China. As you can imagine, China‘s economy is in pretty poor shape. The country’s beginning to reopen, but it won’t be the same China that its citizens left when the quarantines began.
Unfortunately for all of us, there will be no return to normal. Not for China or any other country. The world has irrevocably changed in the wake of COVID-19. Economies have shifted, workforce dynamics have been overhauled, and absolutely nobody knows what the hell is going to happen as governments around the world shift focus from preventing
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