May 20, 2020
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This latest Beta brings those playing closer to what you would see and expect on the Java Edition of Minecraft.  Overall a lot of fixes are the main focus on this beta.  If you find more please be sure to report them to Mojang Studios!

Remember that only those on Xbox One / Windows 10 / and Android may participate in the Beta builds.  You will not be able to join Realms or non-beta players worlds and you will not be able to open worlds opened in the Beta in earlier/current stable builds of Bedrock.

Crashes and Stability
Fixed several crashes that could occur during gameplay
Fixed a crash when auto crafting 64 honey blocks from recipe book in survival MCPE-68604
Fixed an issue that could occur if the player equipped any piece of netherite armor, used a clear command to clear it, and then equipped another piece of netherite armor of the same type 
Fixed a crash that could happen when a mob’s state changed 
Fixed navigation.walk to handle the case where it is used on a flying entity, so that the flying entity will not cause lag while it is touching the ground
Updated Mojang Studios loading screens
Nether biome distribution now better matches that in Minecraft: Java Edition
Fixed issue where players on Xbox One may have errors accessing the Marketplace 
Improved reliability of loading characters MCPE-55968
Fixed an instance where a character can be lost when offline
Fixed an issue that prevented achievements from being unlocked offline after reconnecting 
Fix issue of incorrect player hand animations when using fishing rod in third person MCPE-63088  
Fixed the Xbox main menu getting stuck forever after cancelling the sync popup box MCPE-53266
Secondary players in a splitscreen game will now animate properly when you look at them 
Suspending and resuming the game will no longer make a player’s model disappear MCPE-63119 
The second player’s hands in a split screen game will no longer disappear when you look at them with the first player MCPE-58806  
Nether Bricks texture has been updated 
Chiseled Netherbrick and Quartz Bricks textures are updated
Crimson Trap Door is now called Crimson Trapdoor
Warped Forest are now more rare compared to other Nether biomes 
When players enter Warped Forest, the previous music track now plays until it’s finished 
Bedrock Credits have been updated 
Fixed issue where experimental mode was not being enabled for clients when the server level has it enabled 
Optimised sound loading – “load_on_low_memory” is now deprecated in sound_definitions.json, as all audio can now play on low memory devices
Fixed a world conversion issue that was causing some items in chunks to convert to Bedrock incorrectly 
Dyeing shulker boxes no longer causes items to vanish MCPE-64164
Fixed incorrect spawn position when set on top of a pressure plate MCPE-65487
Fixed issue where taking Arrows, Fireworks, or Nautilus shells into the offhand will break the offhand UI slot MCPE-64227
Fixed an issue where lava would drop uncooked food MCPE-74767
Added fallback to world spawn if the Respawn Anchor spawn is obstructed
“You home bed was missing or obstructed” message shows again
“Respawn point set” message is now displayed for the Respawn Anchor in all cases MCPE-73159 
Respawn Anchors can be charged without setting respawn point and without exploding outside the Nether MCPE-69044 
The Respawn Anchor can now have blocks placed against if it contains no charge
Villagers will now harvest crops regardless of what crop amounts they have in their inventory MCPE-67694 
XP orbs shoot in random directions once again MCPE-58715
It’s now impossible to use beds if there is no room for the player to stand next to or on top of the bed when they wake up MCPE-42881
It’s now impossible to interact with Piglins who are admiring golden items MCPE-69861 
Respawn anchors no longer destroy blocks when detonated underwater 
Respawn Anchor now plays an appropriate sound when it depletes MCPE-69265 
Lodestone Compass is now supported in commands  MCPE-68994 
Barrier blocks no longer generate in Bastion Remnants
Chests in Bastion Remnants now always generate with loot  MCPE-69003 
Mobs no longer consume one of two Swords of the same material dropped in the same place 
Fixed Smithing table sound not playing while being used  MCPE-69066 
Respawn Anchor charging sound no longer plays in Basalt Delta biome  MCPE-69189 
Lodestone and compass now play an appropriate sound 
Twisting Vines Block is now called Twisting Vines
‘Oooh, shiny!’ achievement now unlock when distracting a Piglin with a Gold Ingot by right-clicking 
Twisting Vines and Weeping Vines are now destroyed, and popped as items, immediately when flooded 
Mined Nether Sprouts no longer produce an invalid item that could not be used MCPE-74339 
Moving blocks now have the correct collision box MCPE-62419 
Fire now properly converts to Soul Fire on Soul Sand and Soul Soil when Fire ticking is turned off  MCPE-69823 
Campfires can now be crafted with charcoal MCPE-70862  
Using Quartz Block in a stonecutter now produces Quartz Slabs instead of Smooth Quartz slabs MCPE-57925 
Dispenser now uses 1 glowstone when filling Respawn Anchor  MCPE-72686 
Silk touch enchant now works on Respawn Anchor 
Silk touch enchant and setBlock command now works on Crimson button, Warped button, Crimson hyphae, Stripped crimson hyphae, Warped hyphae, Stripped warped hyphae, Weeping vines, Twisting vines, Blackstone pressure plate, Polished blackstone button 
Chains can now be pushed by Pistons without breaking
Soul Torches can now also be crafted with charcoal MCPE-70585  
Warped Fungus on a Stick can now be enchanted similar to Carrot on a Stick MCPE-70948 
Striders now take falling damage MCPE-70886 
Baby Strider sitting on an adult Strider now freeze when its parent is on land MCPE-71413 
Striders movement speed has been adjusted to closer match Minecraft Java Edition
Netherite items will not catch fire because they are fire resistant 
Large Basalt Columns can no longer be over 10 blocks tall
Basalt Deltas now have the correct blocks generating in the biome 
Blackstone Buttons, Pressure Plates, Slabs and Walls now have the right appearance on Maps 
Respawn Anchor can now only be mined by Diamond or Netherite Pickaxe MCPE-72102 
Mobs now prefer Stone Sword over Gold Sword (except for Piglins!)
Twisting Vines and Weeping Vines now emit correct sounds when broken 
Chain now plays correct sound when placed 
Lodestone now requires a Pickaxe to be mined 
Many doors had their texture updated
Warped Stem and Crimson Stem now have the same mining time as Oak Log 
Warped Planks or Crimson Plank slabs no longer appear as default in recipes for some items 
Player no longer spawns on a block after relaunching the world while falling 
Fixed an issue that could cause the player to respawn underwater 
Netherite shovel can now be used to extinguish campfires MCPE-65730 
Soul soul can be mined more quickly with shovels now MCPE-65382
Crimson and Warped Hyphae (including stripped) can now be crafted into planks in Bedrock MCPE-73099 
Weeping Vines can now be grown using bone meal with dispensers MCPE-65660 
Fixed an issue where chickens on slabs wouldn’t take damage from lava MCPE-74990
Hoglins should now always be pacified after fleeing from Warped Fungus 
Mobs can now pathfind on Soul Sand blocks 
Piglins can now outrun Hoglins 
Hoglins will retaliate against crossbow wielding Piglins less frequently 
Villagers no longer drop items they pick up 
Using Pickblock on Zoglin now gives Zoglin spawn egg 
Netherite helmet now renders properly on Piglins 
Hoglins and Zoglins are now more resistant to knockback 
Piglins now make a retreating sound while fleeing from Soul Fire Torches, Soul Fire Lanterns and Soul Fire 
Piglins and Hoglins behavior while fleeing has been improved 
Zoglin and Zombified Piglin no longer drown in lava
Changed many mobs’ behavior while drowning in lava 
Aggravated Piglins no longer barter 
Gold Ingot now always properly render in Piglins hand during bartering 
Mobs should no longer consume items they pick up 
Piglin now become angry when Trapped Chests are destroyed
Hoglins no longer flee from Zoglins
The Zombified Piglin texture has been updated
Mobs that can equip helmet armor can now also equip Turtle Shell 
Fixed an issue where tamed pets would occasionally disappear after transferring to or from the nether 
Angry Bees are now slower MCPE-53689
Iron Bars and Glass Panes now connect to Walls MCPE-73989 
Hyphae blocks can now be crafted into their respective planks MCPE-73099
Moving blocks now have the correct collision box  MCPE-62419
Fixed low light emitting block items not matching the placed blocks brightness 
Fixed mobs in mob spawners not being visible MCPE-56879  
Maps in item frames no longer have lines through them MCPE-46154
Fixed maps missing textures after reloading world MCPE-54228 
Fixed issue where lighting wasn’t refreshed when going through portals back into overworld MCPE-338144  
Fixed the excessive hand bob motion caused by playing an animation on the hand and camera together MCPE-54072
Items held by mobs should now render correctly 
Lodestone Compass now renders properly in the inventory 
User Interface
Tweaked Server Tab navigation
Creative Recipe Books show item groupings again
Added a background to title and subtitle text with adjustable opacity Opacity can be changed in the “Accessibility” tab in the Settings menu 
Added a background to the actionbar text used in the /title command The same background is also applied to the item text above the hotbar 
Smithing Table UI has been updated
Fixed a bug where bees and other new mobs were missing a non-“minecraft:” version for /summon commands. You should be able to spawn vanilla mobs without it! MCPE-58557
Added new overload for /replaceitem with an option for destroy (the old behavior) or keep (the command will return an error if an item occupies that slot) 
Fixed issue where the clear command would not clear damaged tools 
/setblock command fails on the new blocks if attempted with non-default state MCPE-65395
/setblock command now works for more block states 
Add-Ons and Scripting
Fixed knockback issue that stopped crates in “Rescue Mission Lava Town” Marketplace pack from moving when hit 
Added a new loop mode to animations: now instead of omitting “loop” to have it stop playing when finished, or setting “loop”: true to have it loop when finished, you can now say “loop”: “hold_on_last_frame” to keep applying the last frame of animation 
A content error will now show up if a Range json node is defined as an array with a single value 
A content error will now show up if you use more than one Move Control Component, Jump Control Component, or Navigation Component 
Functions with a mix of invalid and valid commands will only execute the valid ones with command version 1.15 and below In these cases, the function name will not show up in the auto-suggestion list but can still be executed if typed out
Starting on 1.16, functions with any invalid commands (for example incorrect selector syntax) will no longer register and cannot be called 
When setting the json variables “attack_interval_min” and “attack_interval_max”, the component will now correctly throw a content error if the max is less than the min MCPE-63542
Fixed issue where sounds would sometimes have incorrect settings applied to them leading to 2D sounds to play as 3D and vice versa 
Fixed issue that was cutting off playing sound incorrectly, though can still easily occur if audio is loaded up that takes up a lot of memory 
Comments in JSON arrays no longer cause an error MCPE-40873

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