Ducklings orphaned by snapping turtle saved after wild Central Park chase

Make way for orphaned ducklings!
A quintet of motherless, one-week-old Mallards is safe and sound after a four-hour wild duckling chase in Central Park.
“It’s very amazing!” cheered second-grader Poppy Fox, 7 — one of 30 onlookers watching the dramatic rescue on Thursday.
“In kindergarten I studied all about ducklings,” she said as the ducklings were deftly scooped from the water with a net by an Urban Park Ranger.
The five un-fledged fluff-balls had become orphans sometime Wednesday, when their mother was eaten by a snapping turtle in a pond called Central Park Pool, off W. 100th Street.
Left to themselves, the five would have faced the same fate as their mother, says Rita McMahon
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