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The Dog Ate Our Podcast. Plus COVID.

This is a story about why we don’t have a podcast up today, but we still do have a dog.
For those of you who have not seen him on the blog yet, meet Winston, the 5 pound yorkshire terrier:

Winston is a rescue dog, adopted by Becca and Connor when he was 8 three years ago.
He lived in a puppy mill for the first year of his life, in a cage, and then he went to 2-3 other owners where he was neglected by at least one, and likely treated rather badly by another (he reacts particularly badly to certain people, so it seems like he has some bad associations).
When they adopted him, he was a very nervous dog. He barked like anything any time another dog came into view, acting like he was going to tear their head off (it was a fear response). He cried if they ever left him.

It took over a year, but he’s quite happy dog now. He loves sitting in laps and getting belly rubs.

He’s actually quite a lovely dog, even though my other daughter Katie and her husband David still call him a rat. But they agree he’s cute.
Rebecca and Connor recently moved near us, and the dog has a backyard where he can explore.
It’s fully fenced and he can’t get out. So for the first time in years he’s able to go off leash outside, which is a BIG DEAL. (They were never able to take him to dog parks because he gets nervous around other dogs and tries to at
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