Mending Fences And A Happy Rescue Story



(This was especially weird because it was around day 5 of my sleep schedule reset, so I was suuuper zombified.)


Quick break for an epic Potter Pun, if I do say so myself:


I’ll let John finish the story, because he told it best in his post on Facebook:

The next day I went over to meet Foster Pup (still nameless). Turns out the shelter had only just got the dog the week before, and Rebecca pointed out the numerous old scars and still-healing scratches all over his head, neck, and body. This pup has obviously had a hard life, but you’d never know it for how friendly and sweet he is.

And yes, of COURSE I’m going to show you pictures.
Rebecca just sent us these:

Snuggled up on her bed.
And here he is running around with John just after he’d bowled him over, ha:

This whole story has been such a bright spot in our lives, I hope hearing about it is for you, too.
One part I left out is that Rebecca is the same neighbor who found Eva in the middle of the highway that fateful day 2 years ago, and texted to ask if we wanted a new cat.
 Another part I left out is that Rebecca lost her last dog – her best friend of 13 years – just a few weeks ago, and she’s been devastated. John and I had been encouraging her to foster, so we were thrilled when she brought this new boy home. It’s like it’s come full circle: Rebecca brought us Eva in my time of grief, and in a tiny way we helped bring this new doggo to her in hers. (And yes, she told us this new boy is officially a Foster Fail. Woot woot! Still waiting on a name, though.)
I often have people ask me about pet grief, knowing what I went through two years ago, and every time I tell them to get a new animal in their lives as soon as possible – as a foster, if they’re concerned about committing again too fast. You don’t have to love them the way you did your last pet, because you can’t. You won’t. But it’s a way through the dark, a healing distraction when your arms and heart feel empty. If you’re in the midst of that grief right now, then I promise you: fostering or adopting a new pet is not disloyal to your last pet’s memory. It’s not. If anything, it honors them, because it shows how much happier they made your life, how they taught you that life is always better with animals in it. And my gosh, what a beautiful legacy that is.
Oof, that got a lot heavier than I intended. Hang on.
::blows nose::
Ok, shake it out, shake it out. I still have silly stuff to talk about, dangit!
In other news, last weeks’ Back to the Future movie night on Discord was a blast. John and I had way too much fun dressing up and recreating various movie scenes.
Someday I’ll re-post John’s excellent Biff videos, but for now those will remain an exclusive treat for you Story watchers. I hope you all enjoyed being called Butt-heads and told to “make like a tree.”
I’ve postponed Princess Bride this week because John’s wig isn’t here yet (ha!), so tonight we’re watching Muppet Treasure Island instead. We’ll have 2 showings: 8:30 and 10:30pm EST, if you’d care to join us over on the Epbot Discord. (Instructions are in Newbie Welcome.) See some of you there!
*****I bought Foster Pup one of these balls as a happy homecoming gift. Apparently they’re nearly indestructible, AND they’re blue and orange, so that’s all I needed to know:
 Chuckit Ultra BallsJust in case you’re in the market for some blue (and orange) balls. 😀

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