Large turtle washes up on North Shore beach

A large black sea turtle that washed up on Takapuna Beach this morning may be sick or injured, say experts. The 65cm turtle was spotted about 10m from the water near the boat ramp of the North Shore beach. Locals on the beach called the Department of Conservation, which took the turtle to Auckland Zoo. DoC Auckland ranger Gabrielle Goodin said the turtle was in reasonable condition and was being cared for by experts. “It will be quarantined and sent to Kelly Tarlton’s for rehab and release, all going well,” she said. “Turtles do not come ashore for no reason in New Zealand, so it may be unwell – this will be determined at the zoo.” A woman said she spotted people by what she thought was “a large boulder” on the beach about 7.45am. She said she was saddened that people were letting their dogs get near the turtle. “There were several people all standing very close to it, dogs sniffing at it and some barking,” she said. The woman took photos of the turtle and contacted DoC. Goodin said anyone who found a turtle on a beach should keep it safe from predators and not attempt to refloat or rescue it, but call 0800 DOC HOT.
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