New PC games coming out in 2020

With all the various E3-type events starting to kick off in earnest now, the number of new PC games coming out in 2020 is getting bigger and bigger with every passing week. As a result, I thought it would be a good time to give our list of 2020 PC release dates another chunky update to make sure you know exactly when all the biggest and best PC games are coming out this year (as well as which big PC games have since been delayed until 2021).
Ordered by month, I’ve rounded up all of this year’s new PC games so you can see exactly what’s coming out and when. There are still lots of games whose release dates are TBA at the moment, but I’ll be updating this list regularly as and when they get confirmed. In the mean time, here’s your complete guide to PC gaming in 2020 as it currently stands.

New PC games in 2020
Delayed until 2021
To help make things easy for you, we’ve split everything into separate months, which you can navigate to by clicking the links above. Naturally, there are some months that are looking quite barren at the moment (*cough*October onwards*cough*), but that’s even more reason to give this page a bookmark and check back often to see what’s changed. You can also find out what the wider RPS Treehouse is looking forward to in our most exciting games of 2020 article, as well as what the RPS vid bud team’s top picks are for the year in the video below. With all that in mind, let’s get down to those lovely new PC games coming out in 2020.

New PC games in May 2020

Signs Of The Sojourner (May 14th)
Team RPS very much enjoyed the demo of this narrative card game when it came out last year, so I’m particularly pleased to see this conversational deck-builder get a proper release date. After your mother passes away, you and your brother inherit her store. He stays at home while you head off in a caravan, negotiating with others for items to stock when you return. But instead of being presented with dialogue trees when you speak to other traders, you enter a symbol-based card game where you’ve got to match up the correct symbols in order to progress your chat and win them over. It’s quite a novel take on in-game conversations, so if you’re a fan of narrative games, this is definitely one to watch.

The Wonderful 101 Remastered (May 19th)
Only about three people played this when it originally came out on the Wii U back in 2013, which is a crying shame because it’s legitimately one of PlatinumGames’ most original, unique and best action games of the last decade. Thankfully, through the power of Kickstarter, they’re now bringing this superhero action masterpiece to PC. It’s a bit like Pikmin, only here you’re controlling hordes of miniature superheroes who can combine Power Rangers-style into giant fists, swords and whips to take down increasingly large alien invaders. It’s classic Saturday morning cartoon fare, and we can’t wait to play it all over again when it comes out later this month.

The Crucible (May 20th)
Amazon’s free-to-play multiplayer shooter Crucible is a bit like Monster Hunter: World meets Hunt: Showdown. Not only will you be slaying monstrous ‘Hive’ creatures, but you’ll also be duking it out with other teams of two as you fight for the top prize. It borrows a lot of familiar bits from other PvE, PvP and PvEvP games, but won’t cost you a penny in the process.

Maneater (May 22nd)
If you’ve ever wanted a gory Jaws simulator, then get ready to dive into Maneater, an upcoming shark ’em up from Blindside Interactive that lets you rip and tear through all manner of watery delights as the great terror of the deep. This is literally a game about a giant shark eating everything in its path around the sunny ocean of the US Gulf Coast, and we actually cannot wait to sink our teeth into it.

Saints Row: The Third Remastered (May 22nd)
The best Saints Row game is getting a flashy new remaster this month, with revamped lighting, fancier graphics, better visual effects, plus all of its 30+ DLC packs. If you’re in need of some wacky GTA-style action this summer, Saints Row: The Third Remastered could be just the ticket.

Minecraft Dungeons (May 26th)
If digging big holes in the ground and exploring the subterranean delights therein is your favourite thing about Minecraft, then Minecraft Dungeons is going to be right up your street. Developed by Mojang, this upcoming dungeon crawler offloads the crafting and building part
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