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‘Rick And Morty’ Season 4, Episode 9 Recap: Warm Celestial Bodies

Duel of the deadbeat dads.
Adult Swim
A simple camping trip quickly turns into an unsettling examination of Rick’s incredibly ambitious sex life, and pathetic parenting skills.
At this point, Rick’s jaded, overstimulated brain clearly seeks more than a pretty face; the man is attracted to collective hiveminds and sentient planets. It’s another amusing way to illustrate just how far Rick has to go to stimulate himself, and a great premise to explore the different ways in which Rick, Beth and Jerry fail their children. 
As Gaia, the living planet (real original name, Rick), starts spewing out clay children from her, umm … birthing canal, Rick’s first impulse is to abandon the monstrosities and let evolution take its course.
But Beth’s daddy issues prove overpowering, and she demands that Rick be the loving father she never had. Constructing a new civilization proves to be a deep bonding session for father and daughter, as both share the same eugenicist impulses, choosing to discard the useless members of society, using childhood trauma to mold the others into productive members of the workforce. 
Meanwhile, Jerry tries to force the kids to have fun outside, to let him impart what little wisdom he holds, just for once. But Summer, having missed out on some substance abuse with friends, snaps, making sure Jerry understands just how little she r
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