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111 Most Wholesome Rescue Pet Photos Of This Month (May Edition)

May is almost over, so Bored Panda has put together another list of adorable animal adoption photos. After all, Good Samaritans from all over the world keep saving kittens, puppies, and other critters from a miserable life in on the streets or at shelters, so celebrating their new family additions is the least we can do, right?Continue scrolling to check out the images and be sure to check out our April, March, February, and January articles if you’ve fallen behind on the series! #2 Khemjira Klongsanun Found An Abandoned Puppy On The Road Side In Thailand Whilst Running A Marathon, Carrying It For 19 Miles To The Finish Line And Adopting It. That Puppy Is Now All Grown Up! Report #3 Just Adopted This Dude. His Name Is Tucker And He Is Good Boye Report #5 We Adopted A Puppy Today. He’s Terrified Of The Car Because He Thinks We’re Taking Him Back To The Shelter. But He Loved Bedtime Report #6 My Friend Adopted A Senior Dog That Had Been Shot In The Leg And Left To Die. These Pictures Are A Day Apart Report #7 This Cat Was Abandoned And This Is His Photo Minutes After Being Rescued Report #8 Another User Told Me I Should Post This Here. Meet Rimosa, She’s A 3yr Old Staffy I Rescued 11 Months Ago. I Call Her Wonder Dog Report #9 This Is Louie, Our Adopted 16-Year Old Pupper! He Makes This Face When He Is About To Get Treats. Report #10 Look Who I Adopted Today!! Her Name Is Ash And I Was Told That She Is Very Cuddly Report #11 Lucia Was Skinny And Mangy And Naked And Itchy And Scared When Rescued From A Hoarder. Now She’s Fluffy And Happy And Dare I Say It A Bit Plump. Rescued By Good Karma In Florida Report #12 Yesterday I Adopted A Kitten But I Think They Gave Me A Meerkat Report #13 Rescued This Little Guy A Week Or So Ago And He Keeps Peaking Over The Couch At Me Like This Report #14 We Adopted A Pair Of Kittens Today. My Husband Was A Little Worried About How They’d Do With Our Dog.. He’s No Longer Concerned. Report #15 Finn’s Loving Life After Being Adopted Yesterday! Took This Photo Before The Drive Home Report #16 Adopted This Little Floof Over The Weekend. We Hope She Likes Her New Home! Report #17 My Daughter Has Been Asking Every Christmas And Birthday For 5 Years For Her Dream Dog. This Week We Adopted Her New Best Friend. So Far They’re Inseparable Report #18 Adopted Her 3 Hours Ago And She’s Already So Comfortable And Happy To Have A Home, I Laid Down Next To Her And She Just Climbed Onto Me Anybody Who Hates On Pitbulls Has Never Owned One Of These Big Babies Report #19 This Is Daisy, She Was Extremely Abused Before We Got Her, I Could Hardly Pet Her Without A Yelp Or Whimper. We Adopted Her Almost 2.5 Yrs Ago. She’s Now Officially Been In A Loving Home Longer Than She Was In A Bad Home. Such A Sweetheart That Loves Luvins! Report #20 This Is Alan. He Lost His Eyes In A Dog Attack Prior To Us Adopting Him. Despite Not Being Able To See, He Moves With Courage And Confidence. A True Inspiration Report #21 Just Rescued Another Bunny. Momma Ate His Ears So He’s Now Earless. Everyone Meet Skip Evander-Holyfield Report #23 Golden Retriever Rescue With A Lot Of Anxiety – He Likes To Just Hold Toys In His Mouth So I Had To Get Him This One. It’s
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