It’s a bad week to be named Amy Cooper

Amy Cooper trended Monday after a confrontation with a black man who asked her to leash her dog in Manhattan’s Central Park.Melody Cooper/TwitterSeveral women named Amy Cooper have found themselves on the receiving end of online hate this week.People have mistaken those women for the Amy Cooper who called the police on a Central Park bird-watcher.Two women named Amy Cooper told Insider that when the messages started rolling in, they weren’t yet familiar with the now-infamous incident.Visit Insider’s homepage for more stories.Amy Cooper is a 37-year-old physical therapist who lives in Manhattan.She’s white. She sometimes visits Central Park to go running. But she’s not that Amy Cooper.For the past week, though, she has received dozens of social-media messages, friend requests, and phone calls from angry people — more than 90% of them men — who seem to believe she is the Amy Cooper who called the police on a black man who was bird-watching in Central Park on Monday, she told Insider.And she’s not the only Amy Cooper this has happened to. A “mommy influencer” in the UK has also been subjected to an outpouring of hate mail because of her common name.”Monday night I started getting these Facebook message requests. There were three or four in a row, just kind of threatening — ‘People are going to come for you.’ ‘You’re a horrible person,’ ‘You’re a terrible racist,'” the New York Cooper (but, again, not that New York Cooper) told Insider. “I was just doing my work and enjoying the day. I thought I must have been hacked.”Almost immediately after the first messages started rolling in, Cooper’s friend sent her a link to a story about the Central Park incident in which a white woman — later identifi
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