Siren’s Mermaid War Claims at Least One Major Casualty — Grade the Finale

Siren‘s third season finale made good on its promise of a full-scale mermaid war, as Ryn and her fellow fish-people vowed to rescue Hope and end Tia’s reign of terror once and for all.
Though Tia’s massive army of mer-soldiers appeared to have the upper fin on Thursday, Ryn surprised her enemy (and herself) by coming at Tia with an even bigger squad. The battle was wild, bloody and completely insane, but it was all worth it to see Tia’s lifeless body sink into the dark depths. Not only did Ryn win the battle, but judging by the other mermaids’ reverence, she also earned their devotion.
While the battle raged, Ben took advantage of the chaos to infiltrate Tia’s underwater prison, where he managed to successfully rescue Hope. Unfortunately, that required Ben to reveal himself to the mer-guards, and while Ben managed to take out one of them with his crossbow, there were two others ready to pounce.

So, what happened to Ben, exactly? That’s the million-dollar question. One of the final shots of the finale was Ben floating in the water, seemingly having his recurring dream of a “normal” future with Ryn and Hope. And even though Maddie urged Ryn to move on with her life, the heartbroken mermaid appears determined to wait for Ben’s safe return… whenever that is.
Also worth discussing…
* While Ben’s fate remains a bit of a mystery, the finale did give us one confirmed loss: Maddie’s stepfather, Dale Bishop. His body was discovered in the woods during a town-wide sweep for survivors of Tia’s attack. Watching her say goodbye to Ryn was a bummer, but an international work trip might be just what Maddie needs right now.
* On a happier note, Xander finally got his badge!
* I also appreciated Ted and Helen working together to help the people of Bristol Cove, but my short-lived faith in Ben’s father quickly evaporated when he spoke about his son’s recent developments. “He’s not the boy Elaine and I raised,” Ted said. “He’s something… else.” (First of all, who are you, Oliver Queen? And second, I hope he’s something else. Bring on Mer-Ben in Season 4!)
Your thoughts on Siren‘s third season finale? Grade it below, then drop a comment with your full review.

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