Who Doesn’t Like Adorable Cats? (40 pics)

My Cat Learned That The Alarm Sound Means I Wake Up, And She Snuggles On My Chest Right After. I’ve Been Setting My Alarm 30 Minutes Early Every Day To Give Her More Happy TimeJust 5 More Minutes!The Time I Rescued A Crying Kitten Outside My Cat Cuddled HerThis Is Tiger. He Just Turned 31. We Are Told He Is The Oldest Cat In The State Of IllinoisFireman Rescues A CatDad: We Are Not Feeding That Feral Cat. Also Dad: I Set Up A Heated Cat House In The Backward And Put A Camera So We Can Make Sure She’s Home Safe Every NightMy Friend’s Wife And Cat Watching A Shy Stray Kitten Eat The Food They Put OutMy Kitten Has Hearts Behind Her Ears!I Work In Remote Areas As A Geologist. Was Leaving My Camp This Morning And Heard Mewing. Turned And This Little Fella Followed Me And Climbed Me And Promptly Fell Asleep. I Think I’ve Been Chosen. World, Meet Spud. He’s Asleep In My Field Lab Now After Wet Food And WaterDad Passed Out After A Long Day With The KidsCopycatBenefits Of Being A VetBorn 3 Days Apart, Met Just Last Week, Already Best Of FriendsMy Cat Looks Like He Just Told His Favorite Joke And He’s So Proud Of HimselfIt’s Dangerous To Go Alone! Take This With YouA Cat With Her Little Baby!Mister Weez Was Always My Big Chonk. After A Year Of Diet And Exercise, He’s Now My Small/Medium ChonkMy Cat Keeping My Mom Company While She PraysMy Boyfriend And My Cat Have A Special Bond…. I Feel Like The Third WheelHey Everyone! Back In July I Posted Our Sweet Little Rescue, Kyra. Everyone Asked To See Her Progress, Here She Is In All Of Her Glory!The Day I Brought Little Owen Home vs. 1 Year Later. He Grew Into Quite The Majestic FloofThe Way My Cat’s Fur Lines Up When He’s AsleepKitten WheelMy Girlfriends Horse Got A New FriendMom Was Worried Somebody Would Step On The Cat, So She Put Cones Around HimNever Thought This Little Fella Would Change My Life. Ptsd Is So Difficult To Deal With, This Little Fella Makes A World Of Difference. Purr On Playa.Head-Bump Loving Cats Are The Worst When They Have The Cone Of Shame!Stopped My Car In Traffic To Save This Kitten.”He’s Feral, He’ll Never Be A Loving Cat”. Meet Fuzz Aldrin. Born Feral, Now Colossal Suck.Hooman Seat Comes With Kitten CompartmentThe Smile That Made My DayI Had To Get Him His Own Keyboard To Get Any Work DoneI Work As An Industrial Climber. Cats Are Always Happy To See MeLooks Like Their Engagement PhotoMy Cat Ripped Open His Favorite Toy. This Is My Grandma Sewing It Back Together.Light Refraction On This KittyMy Baby Reinhardt Turns One Today!Convinced My Boyfriend We Should To Adopt A Rescue. It’s Only Night 1 And I’m Perfectly Okay With This OutcomePacking The EssentialsMost Of Our Friends Don’t Believe We Have A Cat. We Don’t See Him Much Either As He Mostly Hides Behind The Bed. Today, While I Was Working, He Was Brave Enough To Come Out For Pets. This Is My 15 Year Old Cat, Elwood
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