Ferocious baby king cobra caught inside car wheel


Ferocious baby king cobra caught inside car wheel

A baby king cobra was caught after slithering into a car wheel.
Abdullah Mas-udasalem, 40, called the rescue team after seeing a the reptile dart under the vehicle while it was parked outside his house in Songkhla, southern Thailand.
Snake wranglers lifted the bonnet, or hood, and found the snake coiled round the wheel arch on May 27.
The stubborn serpent hung on tightly and hissed at the rescuers but they eventually yanked it free.
One of the rescuers forced the snake, estimated to be 5ft long, to spit out its venom first before he put it in a sack.
The rescuer said it would be safer for them if the snake’s attack mechanism was drained.
He said: “Despite being just a young king cobra, it was very ferocious. We had to squeeze the venom out of its first before we put it into the sack to reduce the danger toward us.”

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