Snake caught in woman’s bathroom water tank


Snake caught in woman’s bathroom water tank

An animal rescuer caught a wild snake hiding in the water tank using his bare hands.
Footage shows the reptile specialist Khun Fam grabbing the Copperhead Racer Snake out of the bathroom in a resident’s house in Saraburi, central Thailand on May 9.
The fierce serpent was seen hissing at the catcher while trying to slither away, but it only took the experienced rescuer five minutes to take it out of the toilet.
Fam said: “We are lucky that the copperhead snake is harmless. But even if it is harmless, all residents still have to call the rescue services for help. Please not try to catch them by yourself.”
Copperhead Racer snakes can be found all over south-east Asia. They puff up their necks when it feels threatened. They are active during the day and normally eat rodents and lizards.

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