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How To Prepare For Hurricane Season Amid The Coronavirus Pandemic

It’s officially hurricane season — and yes, we’re still in a pandemic.
The six-month hurricane season, which officially starts June 1, is predicted to have an above-average number of storms. That adds a layer of complexity and danger to the coronavirus outbreak, with all its social distancing and hygiene rules.
Local and federal agencies as well as emergency experts have released new guidelines and shared tips on how to prepare for this year’s storm season ― from stockpiling additional supplies to determining what you should do if you are sick and forced to evacuate.
Here’s how to prepare and what to expect:

Before a storm
Gather supplies: Health and safety officials advise giving yourself more time than usual this year to stock up on sheltering essentials, especially if home delivery is your primary source for these items.
Each person and pet should have three to seven days’ worth of food and water (about a gallon per day), as well as any needed medical and cleaning supplies, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. A list of recommended supply items can be found here. 
A “go kit” should also be prepared to take during an emergency. This kit would include any items that you cannot go without, such as medication ― ideally a month’s supply. Because of the coronavirus outbreak, include two cloth face coverings per person, and cleaning supplies such as hand sanitizer or soap and sanitizing wipes if available, the CDC and the Federal Emergency Management Agency advise.
“Have a bag for each member of your family, including pets,” Michelle Belles, director of emergency disaster services for the Salvation Army, a nonprofit that assisted FEMA’s guidance task force for this hurricane season, told HuffPost.

Don’t forget the animals: The CDC’s website offers guidance on how to prepare a disaster kit for a pet, as well as resources on how to loca
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