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Dogs want to rescue owners in distress, study finds

New research has found that many dogs will try to rescue their owner if they think they are in distress. (Rawpixel pic)ARIZONA: New US research has found that TV shows and films such as “Lassie” and “Bolt” might have a ring of truth to them, after finding that some dogs really will try to rescue their owners if they get into trouble.
Carried out by two researchers at the University of Arizona, the new study set out to investigate if, when given the chance, dogs really would attempt to rescue their owners.
“It’s a pervasive legend,” explained researcher Joshua Van Bourg. “Simply observing dogs rescuing someone doesn’t tell you much. The difficult challenge is figuring out why they do it.”
Van Bourg and his co-researcher Clive Wynne looked at how 60 pet dogs reacted when their own was in a “rescue” situation
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