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STUDY: Dogs Really Will Come To Rescue Of Owners In Distress!

TEMPE, Ariz. — Just like Lassie running off to tell everyone that Timmy just fell in the well, we all like to think that our faithful canine companions would save us if the situation ever called for rescue. But, real life is rarely ever like old TV shows. Would your dog really save you if you were stuck in a well or trapped somewhere?
Researchers from Arizona State University set out to answer that question and came to a heartwarming conclusion. Yes, your dog will save you, that is, as long as he or she knows how to accomplish such a task.
The study’s authors gathered 60 pet dogs together and observed what happened when each dog’s owners was seemingly placed in a tough spot. None of the studied dogs had any prior experience or training saving people.
During the main phase of the experiment each dog’s owner was “locked” in a big box with a light-weight door that the dogs could move fairly easily. While they were inside, participanting owners called out to their dogs for help (“help!” help me!”). All the owners were coached a bit beforehand to ensure their cries for help would s
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