A fox is rescued from a storm drain

On May 20, a young fox was found with its head stuck in a storm drain in Wareham. Good Samaritans alerted the police, and officers from the Wareham Department of Natural Resources were dispatched to the scene to assist the animal. With help of a Good Samaritan, some Dawn soap, and some vegetable oil, officers were able to free the fox pup (also known as a kit) from the drain so it could be reunited with its mother. Photos of the rescue were posted on the Wareham Department of Natural Resources Facebook page. “Before releasing the kit it was given a quick bath to wash off the soaps and checked for injuries,” the post said. “We’re happy to say no injuries were sustained and a very clean fox was released back to the wild!”TALK ABOUT AN UNEXPECTED VISITOR It’s not every day that a wild turkey comes crashing through your bedroom window. But that’s exactly what happened at a home in Saugus on May 26. In
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