Pregnant elephant dies in Kerala after eating pineapple filled with firecrackers

New Delhi: In a shocking incident of animal abuse in Kerala’s Malappuram district, a pregnant elephant recently died after eating a pineapple filled with firecrackers, offered to her allegedly by some locals. The tragic incident came to light after a forest officer in Malappuram district shared the details of the horrific incident on his Facebook page.
As per details shares on social media, the wild elephant came out of the forest, meandering into a nearby village in search of food. As she walked on the streets, locals offered her the cracker-laden pineapple. The fruit exploded in the pregnant elephant’s mouth and she met her tragic end.
Forest officer Mohan Krishnan, who was part of the Rapid Response Team to rescue the elephant, wrote on Facebook in Malayalam, “She trusted everyone. When the pineapple she ate exploded, she must have been shocked not thinking about herself, but about the child, she was going to give birth to in 18 to 20 months.” 
The cracker explosion in her mouth is stated to have badly injured her tongue and mouth. In searing pain and hunger, she walked around the village but was unable to eat anything because of her injuries.
Krishnan wrote, “She didn’t harm a single human being even when she ran in searing pain in the streets of the village. She didn’t crush a single home. This is why I said, she is full of goodness.” 
Krishnan also shared photos of the elephant, who later walked up to the Velliyar River and stood there. Photos showed her standing in the river with her mouth and trunk in water. The forest officer said she did this to avoid flies and other insects on her wounds.
Even as forest officials brought two captive elephants to lead her out of the river, but the effort was in vain. After hours of attempts to rescue her, she died at 4 pm on May 27, standing in water, the forest officer said.

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