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Aging Parents Starved For Company? Consider Fostering A Four-Legged Friend

The most vulnerable among us, our aging loved ones, are still socially isolated in many places. It may be that senior homes with at-risk elders will be the last to have visitors in this pandemic. In counties tracking the statistics of COVID-19 infections in long term care homes, some have things under better control and some do not. The result is that many seniors remain alone. The risk of opening their homes to visitors can be a life or death decision, due to the fragile health of residents. In my own small county with many elders, 100% of the virus-related deaths were persons over age 65. If your aging parent is in assisted living, a board and care home or a nursing home, what can you do?
Staying in frequent communication by video chat when possible is a choice, but not one that may be feasible for an elder who has trouble with the technology involved. However, staff on site at these homes can be called upon to help set up or facilitate a video call, Facetime or ot
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