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Amy Cooper got her dog back, and people are outraged

It already seems like a lifetime ago, but on the same day George Floyd was killed by a white Minneapolis police officer, a white woman named Amy Cooper went viral for calling the police on a Black man who politely asked her to leash her dog in Central Park’s conservancy known as The Ramble.

Thankfully, the man, Christian Cooper (no relation), an avid birdwatcher, was not injured in the altercation. However, when his sister posted the hysterical video footage he took of Amy Cooper’s 911 call, her life was irrecoverably altered. In addition to swift and extensive public shaming, Cooper was terminated from her investment firm job at Franklin Templeton and surrendered her dog—which she could be seen dragging and choking in the video—to the rescue she had adopted it from.

In addition to the behavior seen on video, some people noticed that on Instagram, Cooper had posted about a number of incidents and accidents involving her dog in the short time
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