How animal rescue groups are surviving the lockdown

Pune’s RESQ Charitable Trust had to reduce their staff to 15 from 45 as a precautionary measure.

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. Updated: 05 Jun 2020, 02:03 AM IST

Shail Desai

Despite the lockdown, rescue and welfare organizations have been patrolling the streets of India and delivering on SOS calls, to help as many animals and birds as possible

When the lockdown was first announced in March, Neha Panchamiya, like many others, rushed to stock up on essentials. Only that, her shopping list largely included supplies for animals and their rescue operations.

She had little idea how she would manage RESQ Charitable Trust, where she’s the president, considering restrictions were put in place for movement and several supply facilities were shut. But in the past two and a half months, the 36-year-old has been working with her small team round the clock to rescue animals, reptiles and birds.
“Any kind of medical assistance is an essential service, so there was no question of halting operations. But we reduced our team to 15 from 45 as a precautionary measure, which meant more responsibilities.We had to stock up on fuel (for the ambulance) since not all pumps were operational. We had to get permits
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