You think *you* have troubles?

It was a rough evening; I should be asleep, satisified that all is well with the one thing I can control: the ducks at Botany Pond.
A new brood consisting of a mother I’ve never seen and her six babies came to the pond.
Actually, it was four babies; the other two were scavenged from the area around the pond when they were spotted by others after they jumped (probably from a windowsill in my building). I ascertained they weren’t injured, and put them in the channel with the mom and other four. They all kept together.
Honey and her brood went nuts when they detected the new brood and, as I feared, Honey went for the mother. Had I not intervened, it would have been a nasty fight.
I kept the broods apart until a lady from Chicago Bird Collision Monitors arrived. (I called them.) She had a box, blankets, and two nets.
Object: catch the babies and mom and transport them to a nearb
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