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Feeling stressed? Watch these ASMR rodents eat delicious treats


Feeling stressed? Watch these ASMR rodents eat delicious treats

Cute ASMR compilation of rodents eating their favourite snacks.
Listen as Monty, the grey rat nibbles on a cheddar biscuit for the first time, Peaches, the tricoloured guinea pig munches a salad, Ned, the black rat enjoys a yoghurt drop and Ethel, the grey guinea snacks on hay.
Ellie, the filmer and rodent rescue advocate told Newsflare: “I’ve got 17 small pets right now and the majority of them are rescues. I developed an interest in keeping them after starting the first part of my degree in animal behaviour and welfare, and soon discovered that there are so many small rodents in need of homes for various reasons.
“Rats are my particular favourites and most of the time the animals I rescue then stay with me to live out their natural lives. Monty came to me because he ended up as a single rat and they must be kept in a group.
“Some however required more work to learn to trust people and be handled and came from more neglectful situations. A lot of the time they come from family homes where the children get bitten or lost interest and the parents can’t cope. I think people forget that small animals aren’t that ‘easy’ to look after and still require lots of care and input!”
Ellie posts the cute clips on her TikTok @elliesanimals

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