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Passion Projects—and Koalas—Gave Cummins&Partners an Early 2020 Boost

Diane Villavieja is continuing to help sustain the agency through the pandemicVillavieja sees the pandemic as a chance for her agency to do work that’s meaningful to them.

Diane Villavieja has had wildly different answers to the question “What do you do?” over the last decade.The Australian businesswoman co-founded digital marketing company QuantumLinx, recognized as one of Australia’s fastest-growing startups in the 2010s; she produced and acted in independent films; she owned and managed a cafe and fashion boutique in her 20s in Sydney; and she launched her first business at 16, a seasonal gift basket company.Villavieja now oversees operations for creative agency Cummins&Partners New York.“Being in operations suits me, as no two days are alike and I get to use both sides of my brain,” she said. “I’m constantly solving problems.”Cummins&Partners, which is based in Australia, hir
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