Shocked mechanic finds snake strangling a gecko on his tool shelf


Shocked mechanic finds snake strangling a gecko on his tool shelf

A mechanic was shocked after finding a snake strangling a lizard on his tool shelf.
Kitiphong Kititsok, 46, noticed the reptiles when he arrived for work at the garage in Nakhon Ratchasima, northeast Thailand on June 5.
Animal handlers received an emergency call and rushed to the scene with catching equipment.
Footage from the one of the rescue team shows the golden tree snake coiling itself around the blue and orange tokay gecko.
The snake was even seen putting its head inside the lizard mouth in an apparent attempt to win the struggle by gouging out the victim’s internal organs.
The handlers took just ten minutes to separate the snake and the injured gecko, which quickly scurried away into the undergrowth.
The 3ft long snake was put into a sack before being released back into the wild.
Kitiphong said he stepped in his garage to start work when he was frightened by the two reptiles on the wall panel where he hangs his tools.
He said: “I was quite shocked when I saw the snake and gecko killing each other at my place. They were having a fight, I did not want to interrupt the moment. I then called the emergency team for help.”

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