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The Best Supplements To Reduce Stress, Boost Immunity, And Improve Overall Health

Dr. Linda Ellison, founder of kaü
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The global wellness market shows no signs of slowing, but the sales of vitamins and supplements, in particular, have skyrocketed during the pandemic. Because while eating a balanced diet is all well and good, it’s more than easy to be missing something that could help us feel and perform even better. 
“A typical diet doesn’t contain the necessary nutrient spectrum, density, and functionality needed to achieve and sustain optimal health,” explains Dr. Linda Ellison, founder of kaü, a trailblazing immunity supplement that harnesses the power of amino acids. “That’s why we need supplemental nutrients to help our bodies function at their best.”
So when purchasing vitamins and supplements, what should you consider? First, cost. “Many people buy the McDonalds versions, yet expect them to have the quality of a farm-to-table, organic restaurant,” says Ellison. “But given the costs involved, it’s not possible to deliver good ingredients, science, and research at a low price point.” 
Second, think about augmentation – in other words, how much of the key ingredient a supplement has. Ellison notes, “From extensive third-party lab testing, we know that vitamins and supplements with specialized flavors, colors, and smell are comprised of at least 75% additives.” 
Then, factor in the quantity and percentage of ingredients. You typically take a vitamin or supplement with a specific goal in mind, but according to Ellison, “If it has a long list of ingredients, then it can’t contain enough of any one at a functional level to really benefit you.”

And though it’s not the most elegant topic, consider what Ellison refers to as “The Bathroom Test.” Observe your urine after trying out a new supplement, and check if it’s dark in color or has a harsh smell. “If so, your body has flushed out the majority of your vitamin or supplement, instead of making it functional in your system,” explains Ellison.
While vitamins and supplements are no replacements for a well-rounded diet, they can alleviate a range of issues, from anxiety to sleeplessness – which only seem to be heightened during these highly emotive times. So ahead, 15 easy ways to help you f
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