Wild python caught after raiding pig sty in southern Thailand


Wild python caught after raiding pig sty in southern Thailand

Rescuers caught a giant python from a sty before it could eat the owner’s livestock.
Patchanee Buanui, 42, contacted the rescue team after she found the huge snake on her farm in Trang, southern Thailand.
The rescue team went to the house and used the snake catching rod to pull the snake out as shocked bystanders looked on. The serpent was almost 13ft long.
The owner then rushed into her pigsty and was relieved that none of her livestock were eaten.
She said: “My pig mother had just given birth to piglets and I think the snake might have smelled them.
“I went into the pigsty this morning and was shocked to see it, I was worried about my pigs but I was also frightened by the serpent as well so I call the rescuer right away.”
Patchanee said that this is the third snake that has raided her livestock area. She added: “I also have a chicken coop nearby and both attract snakes.
“Fortunately, this time the snake was caught before it could eat my livestock unlike the past two times .”
The giant python was put into the sack and was brought along with the rescuers to release it into the wild.

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