Florida Man And His Pet Alligator “Sweetie” Are Winning TikTok

Louie Morehead with his pet alligator, Sweetie.Sweetie the alligator is social media’s newest star. The the visually-impaired alligator has gone viral online after a video of her owner carrying her like a baby was uploaded to TikTok, where it has collected over 2.3 million views in just four days. According to Florida Today, the six-year-old alligator was adopted by Louie Morehead, the owner of the Florida Key Lime Co. in Cocoa Beach. In the video shared on TikTok by onlooker Rachel Bowman, Mr Morehead can be seen picking Sweetie up gently and carrying her into the key lime pie shop – leading many TikTok users to describe their bond as “adorable”. The gator was seen dressed in a yellow T-shirt in the video. @rachel_bowmanWhy does this sum up Florida so well? ##florida##justfloridathings##alligator##gator##gatorman##floridaman♬ original sound – rachel_bowman”That’s his little pet, it’s so cute,” wrote one person in the comments section of the video, which has collected over 6 lakh ‘likes’ and thousands of reactions. “Gator getting ice cream? How do you get more Florida then that?” another wondered.”He picked her up like a toddler,” a third wrote. Sweetie was reportedly adopted by Mr Morehead as a rescue. She was found injured in the wild at a young age by Florida’s Fish and Wildlife Department. With no eyesight, Sweetie would not have survived in the wild, Mr Morehead said. The gator is now a regular at the Florida Key Lime Co. “She had such a calm and docile personality,” Mr Morehead said.Click for more trending news
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