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Into the Dark: Good Boy

The second season of the original monthly series of Hulu horror films under the banner of “Into the Dark” has tended more to quirky humor than genuine scares, and this has been mostly for the better. Chapters like “A Nasty Piece of Work,” “Crawlers,” and “Pooka Lives!” certainly aren’t going to keep anyone up at night. Perhaps the creative team behind this series realized that people could use more of a laugh in 2020 than a fright. After all, the real world is scary enough. Enter “Good Boy,” a movie that almost feels like a Sundance indie rom-com at its beginning. The score, the visual language, the dialogue—if someone stumbled upon it and didn’t notice the Blumhouse production logo at the beginning, they would think this is a very different movie than what it becomes. We meet Maggie (Judy Greer), a journalist at a local paper in Reseda who is having trouble finding happiness in her life. The dating scene sucks, and then she’s reduced from staff to freelancer by
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