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How Netflix Saved 2017 Annecy Player ‘Animal Crackers’ from Distribution Hell

When directors Scott Christian Sava and Tony Bancroft first premiered their 3D animated feature “Animal Crackers” at Annecy in 2017, the film’s prospects could hardly have looked better following incredible audience enthusiasm and a strong review from Variety’s Peter Debruge.
What came next could hardly have gone worse.
“(When) most people talk about making an independent movie, it’s usually the finances or actually making the film that’s the hardest thing,” Bancroft explains in a Making Of presentation at this year’s digital Annecy Intl. Animation Festival.
He goes on to say that, “Those two things that should have been the hardest possible things for us went pretty smoothly. It was actually a third thing, getting distribution, where we hit our biggest snags with ‘Animal Crackers.’”
Sava continues, recalling, “The stu
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