Injured hiker rescued from a trail in New Hampshire

A hiker was rescued from the Mount Meader trail in New Hampshire after suffering a severe ankle injury on Saturday, and was located after a friend made a cellphone call to rescuers, the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department said.Just before 3 p.m. on June 13, the department was notified that Rachel Marks, 33, was injured almost three miles from the trailhead, the department said in a statement. One person in Marks’ group made a cellphone call for help. Fire departments and several rescue teams responded and treated her severe ankle injury a the scene. Then Marks, of Fryeburg, Maine, was placed in a litter and carried two miles to an ATV which transported her the last mile to the trailhead, shortly before 9:30 p.m. Marks was then transported to the Memorial Hospital in North Conway for treatment. Marks and her friends were properly prepared for the hike, the department said.“This incident underscores the importance of hiking in groups,” the department said. “Many areas of the state have limited cell phone service and having friends that can move to service and accurately pass information to rescuers prior to their arrival on scene greatly aids in the rescue effort.”Maysoon Khan can be reached at
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