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Repairing Pet Damage In the Yard with Boris the Pibble

This post is in partnership with Troy-Bilt as a part of their Fence Talks series.

It’s likely no surprise that we love dogs. Our dogs. Other people’s dogs. All the dogs! Our CC brings so much silly joy into our home, and we can’t imagine a life without a pup around. Having a dog in the family brings its own set of challenges, especially when it comes maintaining a yard, but after living as city-dwelling dog parents for the last 11 years, we’ve gained a wealth of knowledge in the area of dog-friendly yards and landscaping.

To help spread some of that knowledge, we’ve partnered with our friends at Troy–Bilt as a part of their Fence Talks series which will help tackle common yard pain points head-on! Other experts will be covering topics such as plant identification, pest control and even settling issues with neighbors! For our portion of the series, we’ll be talking through ways to help alleviate the pet-related challenges that Boris the Pibble‘s mom and dad are facing. Friends, meet Boris!

Boris is a handsome rescue pittie from St. Louis, MO. His favorite past-times are playing fetch in his backyard, romping at the dog park, taking hikes and going for the occasional swim. Plus, he has the most kissable nose we’ve ever seen. Boris does, however, need a bit of help with his lawn!

When Yards + Dogs Don’t Mix

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