‘Babyteeth’ a lovely, heartbreaking coming-of-age drama

Not rated. In virtual theaters and on demand.
Grade: A-
A lovely and offbeat coming-of-age drama from Australia, “Babyteeth” marks the feature film debut of Aussie director Shannon Murphy (TV’s “Killing Eve”). The film, written by first-timer Rita Kalnejais and based on her play, appears on the face of it to be filled with coming-of-age film cliches: a crumbling nuclear family in dire need of rescue, a rebellious protagonist, in this case the high-school age Milla (Eliza Scanlen of HBO’s “Sharp Objects”), who is apparently in remission from some illness, and an upcoming “formal” dance which the protagonist longs to attend.
Eliza Scanlen as “Milla” and Toby Wallace as “Moses” in Shannon Murphy’s BABYTEETH. Courtesy of IFC Films. An IFC Films Release.Essie Davis as “Anna,” Eliza Scanlen as “Milla,” Toby Wallace as “Moses,” and Ben Mendelsohn as “Henry” in Shannon Murphy’s BABYTEETH. Courtesy of IFC Fil
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