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SPCA’s new online process matches potential owners with pets

Scott Hammond/StuffRenwick SPCA centre manager Donna Slogar with Peggy Pitchell. The Renwick SPCA has streamlined the way it adopts ​​​​​animals.The SPCA has adopted a new way to match people with animals; a “blind date” with just a photo and a profile for hopeful pet owners. The new process was inspired by the realities of re-homing pets during alert level three when adoptive families had to choose a pet online and apply to adopt it without meeting the animal. Since alert level one Renwick SPCA has continued the concept, albeit with a “blind date” before the adoption is finalised. Renwick SPCA centre manager Donna Slogar said the idea was much more efficient than having visitors wander the centre trying to decide. READ MORE: * Coronavirus: Marlborough rescue animals fostered out and sent to cities befo
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