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Dog rescued by firefighters after falling down cliff near Carterton

STUFFJed the border collie of Greytown survived a 20-metre plunge down a cliff near Carterton on Sunday night.When a Greytown tramper left his dog down a cliff to get help, he didn’t know if his faithful friend would be alive when he returned. Light was dropping on Sunday evening as Alex Norman was returning to Waiohine Gorge road after a walk in the Tararua Forest Park, when his dog Jed fell 20 metres off a sheer drop. The 18-month-old border collie was stuck on a ledge in the rain, with another 20m drop below. Norman reckons the only thing that stopped the dog from tumbling the full distance down the cliff was a cord he had attached for training purposes.supplied/StuffFire and Emergency staff abseiled down a cliff in Waiohine Gorge to rescue Alex Norman’s dog Jed on Sunday night. “If he’d gone down properly he would have gone down about 40 metres onto the rocks, but I think the long line had snagged on a root and has broken his fall.” READ MORE: * T
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