Hero Rescue: Tips to help you master the hooks

Become the ultimate escape artist.

Hero Rescue is a game that will look extremely familiar to you. You’ve seen it somewhere, but just can’t quite put a finger on it. You’ve likely seen those advertisements online featuring a game where you need to save a person or fish by pulling the correct pins and opening the right paths.
Ah, did that jot your memory? Well, with those ads, the games normally don’t involve pulling hooks and saving people at all, but instead are about garden management for example. However, Hero Rescue is an actual game that features those world-famous hooks.
Yes, you can actually play the hero by pulling the hooks. Hero Rescue is a strategic game where you need to think carefully before making your next move. Think of in a weird way like playing chess or checkers against yourself. You need to lead a young hero to riches or lead him to save a princess in each of the levels by pulling the hooks. We’ll give you a couple of simple things to try as you embark on your escape tour.


Survey the layout

It’s easy to just jump the gun, and pull a hook right away. However, be patient and take a look at the level layout before pulling that first pin. You won’t have any trouble early on, but once the puzzles get a little trickier, then study how the level is laid out.
You don’t need to take too long on it, but this is a puzzle game, and puzzles require some thought. Sometimes, all it takes is one false pull to lead to failure, so you need to keep this in mind. The good thing is that the levels are short so you usually don’t have as many obstacles.
The game is not uberly difficult so there’s no need to make it trickier by not thinking about making the right moves. A few smart pulls will lead you to victory. you are a knight in the game, after all, so be royal with your choices here.

New levels come out regularly

This is just a simple reminder that there are new levels coming out all of the time. So get yourself prepared for the unpredictability. Just remember what we talked about with surveying the layout. The challenge will vary, but I have no doubt that you’ll be ready.
Just adjust yourself with the constant change and continue to plan. But have fun with this too, because it’s also great to get shiny new things. The game already has a ton of levels, but with new ones coming in, it really helps keep things fresh.
So, check out all of the levels, keep that mind sharp, and just have a bit of fun with the variety. Oh, and don’t fail, Mr. Warrior.

Earn some coins, unlock new characters

Coins will get gathered as you play along. You might ask yourself “what can I even spend these on?”. Well, there are a couple of fresh new characters you can unlock. It’s mostly just for aesthetic, but hey who doesn’t like a new look sometimes?
It will require 5000 coins for either of the two new characters so make sure to save up as much as you can. You can get a couple of hundred coins per level. So just be patient, keep winning and you’ll have enough to make the refreshing change if wanted. 
It’s basically two dudes with stronger looking armor. Again, it’s mostly just a style move if you want to do it. That said, that doesn’t mean it’s not rewarding either. Sometimes even when it’s something that doesn’t have an effect on gameplay, we still appreciate special rewards in video games. It could be a secret outfit or vehicle decal but it still feels great to have. So go ahead and save up. 


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