Trailer carrying horse falls down bank near Ōhope

Firefighters are working to rescue a horse after the trailer carrying it rolled down a bank near Ōhope. Police were called to the intersection of Pohutukawa Ave and Ōhope Rd at 1.10pm after a trailer towing a horse detached from the vehicle. A Fire and Emergency spokesman said the trailer fell down a 2m bank but the horse seemed to be in an “okay condition”. He said a tow truck had been called to pull the trailer up the bank. He said the car was moving up the hill towards Ōhope when the incident happened. If cordons are put in place, the road will be closed. A worker at the Quay Cafe nearby said cars were backed up “all the way down the road” and looked like “gridlock”. She said it had happened at the corner by the Fairbrother Loop Walk. A worker at the Beach Haven Shop said he heard the sirens and it looked like the scene was almost cleared up now.
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