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4 Things to Consider Before Adopting a Pet

MISSION, Kan., June 26, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — (Family Features) Across the country, people are fostering and adopting furry friends more, with the number of animals in foster homes 43% higher than it was in 2019, according to 24PetWatch. With this uptick in fostering, potential pet owners are determining if they are ready and able to care for a pet permanently, and shelters are bracing for a time when these pets may be returned once people go back to work.Mars Petcare is continually working to end pet homelessness and help pets find their forever homes, which is why it introduced the FOSTER TO FOREVER™ program. With the support of its brands, this program promotes pet adoption and provides kits containing essential resources like pet food and veterinary visits for pets getting settled in their permanent homes after being fostered.”Fostering is a great way to learn about the responsibilities of pet ownership and bond with a pet before making him or her a permanent member of your fa
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