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Pandemic puppies become part of the family

About a month into quarantine, Jarry said he woke up with the urgent feeling that they needed to get a dog — a first for their family. Within a day, Jarry had researched the best dog breeder for the dog of their dreams — a Shih Tzu.On June 11, the Jarry family picked up the newest addition to their family — 8 week old Charlie.The Jarry family has joined many Newton residents who added a furry friend to their families while at home. Some people are calling them “pandemic puppies.”According to a PetPoint Industry Data report May 29, there was a national 8 percent increase in pet fosters since the start of lockdown, compared to the same time last year. As for adoptions, it is harder to see the effect of pandemic given many shelters paused adoption during the lockdown.The Animal Rescue League of Boston opened June 2 after suspending adoptions for over two months due to coronavirus concerns. After only two days, there were no dogs left for adoption.“People were really rushing to get that companion animal,” said Mike Defina from the Animal Rescue League of Boston. “Because I think everyone knew what was coming — everybody was thinking that they would be
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