RIP To Sir Rupert, Chris Pratt’s Favorite Ram

Image: GettyTragedy has struck Chris Pratt, who in the grand tradition of people with money to burn owns a farm where he photographs animals and occasionally play-acts as an agrarian. In the actor’s accounting, he dreams of spending a “lot of time at the farm and a lot of time catching a lot of fish and seeing lots of sunsets;” in practice, Pratt and his wife appear to mostly Instagram themselves holding a lot of baby sheep. According to Pratt’s wife, Katherine Schwarzenegger, the couple doesn’t live on their Washington State property full-time; that hasn’t stopped Pratt from creating intimate bonds with the animals raised there.Recently, Pratt wrote on Instagram about a surprise calf born on the farm: “ARE YOU READY FOR A MIRACLE?” he asked. But as the circle of life progresses unabated, for every miracle of life there is also the ceaseless march of entropy and death: It appears Prince Rupert, Pratt’s favorite ram, has gone to the great celebrity vanity property in the sky. Pratt writes: It’s a solemn day at #StillwaterRanch as Prince Rupert the ram passed away. 🥺 He took his final rest # right next to the still water of the lake under a 100 year old apple tree. I’m very sad. I was the only one who could wrestle him down to clip his hooves. He was a big cuddler and sported the thickest most beautiful chocolate coat. He will live on in our hearts and at the farm as many of his lambs will enter the flock this year.Our thoughts are with the Pratt family in this difficult time. [Us Weekly]G/O Media may get a commissionOver the weekend, two Twitter users posted accounts of being sexually assaulted by Justin Bieber in 2014 and 2015. This week, according to TMZ, Bieber’s legal team has filed a defamation suit against the two Jane Does, calling their accounts “outrageous lies” and inferring the two accounts may be run by a single person as part of “an elaborate hoax.” The suit seeks $20 million in damages—or $10 million for each account. [TMZ]Happy birthday Ariana Grande, but more importantly, happy Friday to Ariana Grande’s numerous dogs: Caitlyn Jenner ribs Kendall Jenner on Instagram, telling her to “put something more on.” [Hollywood Life]Carole Baskin is hawking a “fully immersive” smartphone experience called the “Big Cat Rescue VR Tiger Game.” [Page Six]Russell Crowe’s kids don’t want to quarantine with him 🙁 [Page Six]Sammy Hagar of Van Halen clarifies that contracting coronavirus and dying in the service of his art is maybe not the best idea. [People]Beyoncé fans are angry at Britney Spears for calling herself the Queen Bee, or something. [TMZ]
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