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WATCH: Rescued sloth bears are having fun learning to be free

These rescued sloth bears in India are having fun just being safe. In India, there is a long tradition of animal abuse with this species.

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Also referred to as “Dancing Bears”, the animals have been kept by a nomadic tribe that use them to generate income through entertainment.

Unsuspecting tourists and villagers are treated to a performance that has the bears dancing on their hind legs.

It’s adorable at first glance, but it’s a horrific practice beneath the surface.

The bears are captured at a young age, often by killing the mother. Hot steel pokers are used to bore a hole in the muzzle through which a rope is inserted and tied. Pulling on this rope causes excruciating pain and the bear will do almost anything to avoid it. Their teeth are knocked out in a barbaric fashion so that the bears cannot defend themselves. They are then at the mercy of the cruel handlers who torture the animals until they are submissive and wi
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